Rental management

A simple and efficient turnkey option


Property management

Enjoy the ideal peace of mind to enjoy your cottage whenever you want thanks to INVESTIIR : a real ally to rent your second home in complete security.

INVESTIIR has over 10 years of experience in real estate and rental management. Our goal? To combine business with pleasure by creating a hassle-free white glove style property management service for your cottage. Your unused weeks will be totally profitable!

No matter what your needs are, INVESTIIR will simplify your daily life as a real estate investor and take care of the management of your operations exactly as you wish.

Did you know that? INVESTIIR is a property management company specializing in short-term rental property management. Our most popular service is definitely the Turnkey option. From the visit of your space to the posting of your properties, through the management of the clientele as well as the housekeeping, INVESTIIR takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy!

Investiir will make your life easier

Some of the advantages of our rental management system

A simple set up :

Our online rental management application allows you to quickly access your follow-up files and consult them as easily as possible. Never worry again about misplaced documents or missing information that could slow down or even stop one of your transactions in its tracks.

A team of professionals :

The management of your real estate operations is undertaken by our efficient and professional team that will avoid unfortunate and costly mistakes. You can rest assured: you ask, we take care of everything. Behind the simplicity of our operations lies an efficiency built on many years of providing this unparalleled, turnkey service.

An impeccable customer experience :

We believe that a personalized approach listens to your needs and to those of your clients. It’s the key to ensuring quality service at every step of the process. Our goal is as simple as possible: to make your life easier while ensuring that every dollar invested brings you a more than interesting return.

Our values

Ambition :

Our vision, without a doubt, is to grow and to make our clients, allies and collaborators grow with us. Focusing on quality well before quantity, it is our need to surpass ourselves in all our accomplishments that has brought us this far, with pride and dedication.

Authenticity :

With us, you’ll know from the first seconds what to expect, every time. No hidden fees, no services sold in full but offered in half. We’re transparent in our conversations as much as we are in our offerings, pricing and services.

Unified customer experience :

Our team manages everything from ordering furniture, to handling delivery, to all aspects of your rental to maximize your tenants’ dream stay. All you have to do is pay your bill and celebrate your success!

Rental management contains

Professional photoshoot

Nothing better than professionals to make your property irresistible with quality photos.

Ads management

Optimized the description of the property and creation of effective and attractive advertisements!

Housing maintenance

Impeccable housekeepers for an impeccable property.

Booking management

Our team manages your booking calendar and selects, according to your criteria, the tenants most likely to fall under the charm of your cottage.

Monthly rental reports

Find all your numbers and data in one place for better tracking

Handling your belongings

Maintenance and cleaning of your spa, firewood inventory management, maintenance of your yard… we take care of everything! 

Payment management

Choose the furnishings you want ; Investiir takes care of everything from ordering to receiving to installing.

Concierge service 7 days a week

Whether for you or your tenants, our personalized concierge service is available at all times.

Partner Management

Choose the furnishings you want ; Investiir takes care of everything from ordering to receiving to installing.