Discover the Mys

A true oasis of calm or a small relaxation area in the middle of the forest? The Mys adapts to the needs and desires of its owners, modulating itself as a perfect all-rounder. This versatile mini-chalet has a bright living room, a functional kitchenette and a comfortable bathroom. Practical for enhancing your relaxation in nature with a place to rest with friends or alone, the Mys could also be transformed into a telecommuting office or a new kind of meeting room.

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Technical details

1 desk

18" wide

18 m² / 197 pi²

10" deep

* The images of all the models offered on the chaletpinehill.com website are made as an indication. They may vary from the final construction plans. They are subjective representations only. Consequently, interior and exterior features such as pools, decking, pergolas, awnings, structural wood blinds, furnishings, fireplaces and decorative accessories shown in these images are not included. *